Artificial Intelligence Club

Faculty-in-charge :

Sr. NoName
1 Mr. Uday Nayak (Convenor)
2 Mr. Prasad Padalkar
3 Ms. Sunantha Krishnan

Objective :

  • To cultivate an interest among students and faculty for Artificial Intelligence and elucidate some of the seemingly complicated concepts, thereby making Aritificial.
  • Intelligence a more approachable discipline.
  • To galvanize a community that encourages collective learning and a synergetic growth.

Outcomes :

  • Our members will be up-to-date with all new emerging technologies in the field of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Members will have an insight into the functioning of an AI based firm as well as the industry standards of implementation.
  • They will be able to implement cutting edge AI technology to solve real world problems.
  • They will be able to develop and deploy prototype level products based on the aforementioned technologies.

Venue for club activities :

IT Lab 2, A Wing, 1st Floor

Activities planned for Odd and Even sem (2018-19) :

Sr. NoActivityDateReport
 1 Small Club Activities throughout Odd & Even semesters. - -
 2 5 day Workshop on “Deep Learning” by Prof. Uday Nayak. January 2019 -
 3 1 day Workshop on “Machine Learning” by Prof. Uday Nayak March 2019 -
 4 GDG’s GOOGLE Devfest March 2019 -

Activities Conducted :

Sr. NoActivityDateReport
 1 Facebook Developer Circles DevC Conclave August 28, 2018 -
 2 5 day Workshop on “AI & Convolutional Networks” by Mr. Shubham Bisht. - -

Student Committee for 2018-19 :

Sr. NoDesignationNameClass
1 Chairperson Roshan James TE-IT
2 Vice-Chairperson Kyle Lobo TE-IT
3 Technical Head Shubham Bisht TE-IT
4 PR Head Kevin D’Souza TE-IT
5 PR Head Varun Tiwari TE-IT
6 Treasurer Adish Pathare TE-IT
7 Associates Vikash Yadav SE-IT
8 Associates Savio Lobo SE-IT
9 Associates Leyton D’silva SE-IT
10 Associates Prasad Mascarenhas SE-IT
11 Associates Prathamesh Patil SE-IT
12 Associates Pranav Gupte SE-IT
13 Associates Delson Dsouza SE-IT
14 Associates Janvi Patel SE-IT
15 Associates Shambhavi Milgir SE-IT

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